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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Car's Diagnosis...

For the most part, today was B-E-A-Utiful! I was loving it! Not only because of the weather, but because my Geography class was canceled! That's what I'm talkin' about! One thing sucky that happened today was that I found out from Car Clinic that my transmission is slipping (sound fimilair to anyone? Mitsubishi?). I just have the worst luck with cars and transmissions! They said that they "strongly reccomend" fixing it now and not wait or else we'll have to replace the whooole thing (est. $2,000). So me and ma gotta cough up the $800 to fix it. Woopie. The good thing is that afterwards, we'll get a 1 yr Warranty through Car Clinic. Not too shabby.

Today was so nice outside that I even went RUNNING :)! I haven't done that outside in a loong time! It's been really freaking cold - not Maria running Weather! It was a nice run.... paced, sweaty, hot, smelly. Just the way I like it!

Bed time! Nite nite!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lean back...

Your walk is:

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Thanks for Fixing my Calculator Shannon!

Props to Shannon.

I have a chem test tomorrow. Not excited. I ate tacos tonight. Very exciting. I am going to go find out my calc test score tomorrow. Not excited. I pretty much got $20 handed to me for nothing today. Very exciting.

This concludes our lesson for today: Life throws you curve balls, so eat tacos and get free money.

Grew up in a Small Town

Last night Mom, Jayme, and I went to see 42nd Street performed by a traveling proffessional group here at KState. It was awesome and I LOVED IT!!! It really made me miss tap dancing though :( Not saying that I was/am anywhere close to how great some of them were, but I could have been! haha! I loved tap and now I miss it. I should do something about that. Hm.

ALSOOO, Friday I drove all the way down to Garden City. Why? To see my lovely dance team girls dance! They did so good and I pretty much smiled like an idiot the whole time! I so proud of them! After they were done I pretty much fell out of my seat clapping and screaming for them! I love my dancing gals :) GOOD JOB!!!

It was really nice to see all my friends from high school (that are still IN high school)! Not that I miss high school really, but I miss all of them and seeing those people every day; and dance team of course! The guys bball team lost... I got mad. It wasn't a very good game in my opinion, and I really wanted them to win! Eh.

Ok, well it's RUNNING time! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My trip to NJ was wonderful! My cousin Tommy is the cutest baby on this planet and I immeaditally fell in love with him! Sadly, I don't have any pictures yet. Maybe next post.

Not only was it great seeing my family in Jersey, but I had a great time hanging out with my mom for a few days! We laughed quite a bit... especially when she tried to break the plane, smacked the flight attendand (twice) in th face with her jacket, and found out that you can only use the emergency exits AFTER the plane has crashed! Silly me! And just to let everyone know, if in the unlikely event of your plane crashing in water, your seat cushions pop on out.... that's important to note when flying from Jersey to Kansas.... (*note* see Map Below)

Now back to school with 2 days to make up :( reality kinda sucks

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Double Whammy!

Today I had my 2 tests. Geography - not so great. Micro - pretty great. I don't actually know how I did on any of my tests this week, but over all it wasn't THAT bad. I would say that Micro went the smoothest for me. In case if you cared.

Kelly, Ally, and Me-E all went to belly dancing today. We thought we were pretty cool cause we got a good parking spot, but turns out that we aren't. All the doors in Ahern were locked except the ones on the complete other side of the building. Yea not so cool. I think that the class is going to be pretty fun overall. We'll just have to see!

p.s. Jersey tomorrow! YAY!

For those of you who aren't sure what my flight route looks like, here it is:

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I have used a lot of Notecards today.

Tomorrow I have 2 tests; I'm not very excited. I have been studying most of today. Along with studying I have been doing my laundry and at 5:30 I went to eat with Kellie. I'm not going to lie--learning all the mountain ranges and bodies of water in Europe and Russia just isn't what I call fun. From 3-4 I had a Micro review... it wasn't all that helpful but that's ok.

On the funner side of life, Belly Dancing starts tomorrow. I got Ally and Kelly to go with me :) We're pretty pumped. I hope it's easy but fun... we'll see.

SO!... Me and Kellie are at Applebees earlier and as we're talking some lady behind me let out this nasty, wet fart... oh my goodness... I think the stench lingered for a good 5 minutes... that's a long time for fart hang-time! Usually by like 2 minutes the smell either goes away or you get used to it, but not this one. Plus, lucky me got to sit RIIIGHT behind her.... we had those high tables, so her chair was pretty much touching mine. Oh... the smell still haunts me.

Okay, back to Micro!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Counting the Cals

Today was my calc test. Yea. I don't really want to talk about it.

I made chicken noodle soup (for the second time) today! Jessica is really sick so I made it to hopefully help her feel better. She said that it tasted really good... I still haven't tasted it yet. I kinda had to study and stuff so I never actually tried it... hm.

So, today I tried to "count" my calories, what a job. I was curious as to how many calories I actually consume in one day. All I really found out from doing this is really WHO in their right mindwants to do this on a regular basis... I mean seriously. If you're one of these people, you got spunk kid. I got bored with it after I ate cereal and forgot to count the calories in the milk. Well, that was a fun experience. Moving on to more important issues in life...

My calculator is STILL broken. I'm kinda sad about this. For some reason, every time I try to graph something, the silly thing keeps saying ERROR 13 DOMAINS, I have tried everything I can think of to fix it, but I just can't figure it out. If there are any TI-86 calculator professionals/mechanics out there, give me a hand!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Today I got out of Chem Lab about 1 hr 15 min early... I felt like such a stud! Chem lab suck and I no likey.

Jessica is sick, so I think I am going to make her soup tonight! We can eat soup and watch the Bachelor! I have never been a TV show fan, but it's fun watching it with the girls! It's funny trying to predict the pointless future "engagement/marriage" of some stranger on a ridiculously corny tv show! This season is in France even... how much more cheesy-romance can ya get? Not much :)

Well, tomorrow is my Calc test. Not excited.... I don't even know how well I am going to do. Last year the tests were SO MUCH different than the homework. They were worded different and so much harder, but at the same time, they were graded on a super curve.

super curve: grading on a curve that at times, is HUGE and very beneficial

I hope that the tests are more comprehendible this semester. If not, I hope there's another super curve.

Well off to study-ville :)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My week is as follows...

Today Nic left :( so sad

I also ate sunflower seads. I am sure that I have had them before in my lifetime, I just don't remember when or what they tasted like. Well, they're pretty good. I am not too good at the "cracking in your mouth" thing, but I think that if i practice more like the rest of the world that I'll get better at it. Maybe.

This week is goin to be a long one. Here's the schedule:
- Tuesday: Calc Test
- Wednesday: Micro test review
- Thursday: Geography test, Micro Test, Belly Dancing Begins
- Friday: NEW JERSEY!!

So even tho it'll be a long week, at least I have something to look forward to! I can't wait to eat grandpa's food... yay!

Friday, February 10, 2006


Last night I went to Nicole and Shanno's house for game night and we played this game... I think it was called Weedle. Of course, I was in last place... but it was fun!

The rest of the day (most of before and after that) I spent on calc homework... not so much fun. Today after chemistry I met up with my friend Ann and got our assignment done. The calc part sucked but it was fun hanging out with her for a while - she's a trip!

Nic's coming to visit me today! It was going to be a surprise but he kinda ruined the surprise part!
Wellp, I'm gonna go work out for a while and get all nasty and smelly :) and I CHOOSE to do it... hm...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Purple Pompons

Yesterday I took my frist Chem test, and it actually went quite well! I was really nervous cause I had heard from a few people that the first test was a bit harder. I made a really stupid mistake on one problem, but it's ok. I still got an A :) yay!

Yesterday was ALSO mine and Nic's one year-er. Quite exciting for us two, but probably pretty boring for everyone else.

OH and today I bought purple flowers (Pompons) for our apartment! They don't smell wonderful, but they're very pretty, and that's why I bought them!

Friday, February 03, 2006


Last night me and the girls were bored. What's the normal thing to do when you're bored? That's right, you braid your hair! We so pretty :)

Good times.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chem Question...

There's this problem on our homework for chemistry that I am having problems with, perhaps someone else can help me out.

4. An aluminum beverage can contains 12 fluid ounces of liquid. Express this volume in microliters. (1 fl oz = 29.6 mL). 2.0






I put (E)... but for my actual answer I got 3.55 x 10^4.... and that isn't even an option... any ideas or corrections? It's due tomorrow at noon :) but any time would be great if someone could explain this one to me!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nic's Gift

Today I finished Nic's gift for our one year anniversary! I had been working on it for 3 or 4 days now. We like to give hints to each other on what our gift is. I'll tell you the hints (we're only on 2). If you already know though, don't guess! :)

1. He can open his gift.
2. It's "from way back when" in parts.

Any guesses?