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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Super Glue Sux

It is almost december... in about 30 min or so. The time is drawing near for mine and Nic's trip to the city! Very exciting. Finals- not so exciting.

Update- candy bar is long gone.

I painted a wooden Santa figure today. I would show you but I dont have a camera, but I have been told it has turned out really good. I have also painted a small raindeer and moose. Nicole sews I paint :)

Another issue I feel the need to address is that I got super glue on my finger today. Do you have any idea how annoying that is? It doesn't just come off with soap and water. If any one has any remedies to get it off, please inform!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Her she's

This is not an actual picture of my candy bar.... that would be absurd

Last night I went to Dillon's with Brooke cause she wanted to buy ice cream and we saw those HUGE candy bars that are like a freaking foot long on sale for $1. I bought one and I am already 1/2 way done with it.... this is the true way that college students get fat: huge hershey's bars.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I put my christmas tree up just now

I decided to re-do the christmas blog for obvious reasons. Check it out... even if u dont want to get me anything.... just check it out to see what great taste I have.

To go to my christmas blog --> gingerbredman

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Tomorrow I guess I enroll. I already know the classes I want to take - Nicole and Shannon helped me out a little bit. I know I'm taking Japanese 2 for sure though... its been fun :)

So our intermural games started a couple of weeks back and we aren't anything to brag about, but it really is fun! I get to play pretty much the entire time so I can't complain :) Mom even said she may come down and watch us... p.s. mom that would be GREAT :)!! We have lost both games but it would still be great lol!

As for halloween, I was a gangster/miami vice/whatever u call it girl. Nic actually bought my costume for me since he's such an amazing boyfriend! It was fun, we ended up coming home early though and just hanging out here though; but I liked that better anyway. Tuesday night (hallow's eve) we only had like 10 trick-or-treaters. Libby was giving them HANDFULLS of candy since we had so much and no one was coming... it was a little sad since we were so excited..... oh well. Here's a Picture:

Nelson and I .... the Mexican and the cheerleader gangster

OH and one final thought.... I have a new job and i L-O-V-E it so far. I work at Sun Connections, which is a tanning salon. There's only one person that works at a time usually so I kinda run the place haha! It's pretty easy but a lot of fun and I get to see people I know every day.... I love it! I'll give more of an update later- as for now I have to go to Natty Disasterous.