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Friday, April 28, 2006


Yesterday I had my Belly Dancing thingy. Now that the class is over, I'm kinda excited to dance some more in the summer! The funnest part about that class was practicing with Kelly... she makes me laugh :). Me and mom -- meaning mostly mom -- made our costumes over the weekend and they turned out really great! Mine was white and gold and Kell's was black, purple, and silver (more KSU looking). Mom did an awesome job! Props to mom ~~

After class our instructor asked some of us if we would be interested in joining her "troop". I'm not too sure if I'm up for it or not -- could be fun! I guess we'll just have to see how I feel about it come next semester. Any inputs/opinions/comments?

One thing I don't have here at my apartment is access to a vacuum. Without a vacuum, you can't vacuum. This means this whole semester I haven't vacuumed. Gross I know. So I have been tryin to fix my problem by asking around to borrow one -- so far I have 3 offers, so tonight/tomorrow I think I'm going to call up my connections and get on that... fyi.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Poked me the wrong way

SO.... I went to donate plasma today -- didn't really work very well. First of all, the wait took almost 2 hours (when it's "SUPPOSED" to take about 15 minutes). Not too big of a deal, I was pretty patient about it. Then I get called in to be weighed. I hop on the scale and the girl says, "you don't meet the weight requirement"... which makes no sence cause just last time I was about 5 pounds over the limit.... so I ask her to re-weight me cause it seems so bogus, and some how I gain EXACTLY one pound... hm

Well another few minutes of waiting and they call me to the back. Here I wait another 20 minutes or so until someone even comes back to my chair.... still not annoyed, I understood that they were busy. When they go to poke me, the girl ends up messing up and cutting my vein or some nonsence. I had no other veins that would work so they ended up having to send me home.... not only did I not get the $20 dollars, but now I get a pretty purple huge bruise on my arm... WHAAAAT the heck.

Complete waste of 2 hours and 30 minutes of my LIFE.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I really want a camera

If I had money to spend, a camera would be the first thing I would spend it on. Maybe I could donate enough plasma... that would only take about 4-5 months or so for a decent one.

So this weekend Nic is going to be coming down so he can enroll Monday or Tuesday or something. I'm pretty excited; I love when he comes and I love having company :) The only kinda sucky thing is that I have a chem test on monday so our hang out time isn't going to be fun and eventful... in fact... it'll probably be super boring for him!! Maybe we can hop on over to Nicole and Shanno's so he can at least paint and be occupied -- How's that sound guys?

On a side note, I found two swim suite (Number 1 and Number 2) that I really want from VS-- another thing that I would buy if I had money, but this one is more affordable.

Ok time to study...

Monday, April 17, 2006


If I could rate this weekend, I would give it an 8.66666ish -- not too shabby. From the top...

Friday after class Nicole and I drove down to GC town. I was originally planning on surprising Nic, but then he was about to go to Scott for the day so I was forced to blow my cover. Friday night we went to see Michelle's play, MAD! She did an awesome job and I think everyone is really proud of her -- what a stud. I gave friday a rating of 9 -- since I didn't get to surprise Nic.

Saturday I had to wake up at 9 and pretty much pack up and leave. That sucked cause I hate leaving Nic and I wanted to hang out with him more... oh well. For lunch, though, me and mom went to Smoothie King (♥) and it was great. The rest of the day is kinda blurred... I give it an 8.

And Sunday was Easter. Easter Sunday. We went to church and came home to do some typical Easter events. It was fun and I got a frisbee :)! I rate it a 9 -- subtract 1 point cause I fell asleep before we had dessert!

And now I'm going to study for calc -- I rate that either a 0 or a -∞.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

English Pizzas

I woke up today, turned off the alarm, and stepped out of bed only to experience a HORRIBLE excruciating pain from my left ankle region.... oh wow it hurt so bad. Yesterday I woke up and it was a little sore, but NOTHING like today. I tried to walk to my bathroom but that didn't work very well. The pain has gone down quite a bit since this morning but it is still hurting pretty badly any time I stand on it or bend it (like walking). I have absolutely no idea what I did to it, but it sucks.

On a happier note, I made homemade English pizzas today. Here's the difficult process:

Bake about 10 minutes or until Cheese gets brown edges and EAT! yum yum

Monday, April 10, 2006


Just as an update, I am officially a Plasma doner as of this past Friday :) --> I'm mostly in it for the money, I'm not gonna lie, but the good deedness makes it worth my time, too.

Nic came up this weekend and it was absolutley fantabulous! I made dinner for us two, brooke and matt, and a few other friends on Saturday. It was hard figuring out what to make given that Matt doesn't like onions (but he says he likes fajitas... hm), and the fact that I dont have much money! I ended up making Baked Ziti... it was pretty good tho! Nic said it was good and he was proud of me! :) He should be hah!

Sunday Nic was introduced to Warhammer and he even started painting a model of his own! He sounds really excited about it and wants to "make this a hobby"... I think he said that about 10 times on the phone while he was driving home lol!

After he left for GC town, Nicole, Shanno, Nette, Chris and I played Frisbee golf; it was my first time! I got last place: bad news. I was 3? points behind: good news! That's not too bad for my first time throwing a frisbee!

And today was pretty "chill"... here's how it went for the most part:
9:30 - Classes Begin
2:30 - Classes non-begin
blah blah blah
5:00ish - Rec with Kelly: Intense
6:20ish- To the Apartment for some yummy left-overs
Practiced Belly Dancing
Pretended the Belly Dance was hip hop
9:00ish - Off to WalMarto
Bought Easter Eggs for 67 cents

Then dropped off Kell and came back here for some Blog posting. OH! AND I found out today that my window in my room DOES open... awesome!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Final Projecto

So... for my geography class we have a "final project"... here are the "requirements":

For the project, you will choose a region, issue, or place that we covered in class (or that we will cover if you want to get an early start) and create an artistic impression of it. Potential possibilities for the project include: a song, a painting, a poem, a collage, or a photo essay. These are not the only choices you have – if you think of something creative that you would like to do, talk to me and I will let you know if your idea is appropriate.

I think I'm going to do a painting... fun for me, appropiate for the project. The only problem NOW is what to paint. Any ideas?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blủ Flower

I think I painted this one over winter break... not exactly sure. The running look in the red paint was actually on accident... but instead of fixing it I thought it looked kinda cool so I kept it that way. I also first meant for this paiting to be upside down and without petals... but my paint brush did its own thing.

New Wardrobe

I got really bored yesterday so I decided to change my blog's dress. She needed to change anyway, she had been wearing the same thing for a very long time.