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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hitch fell out of my wallet

Today was very windy. It was kind of annoying. I don't know if anyone can relate to me here, but brushing your hair after a day of wind is torture and NOT a fun experience. I just figured I would throw that out there.

I just got done doing some of my calc II homework. It's hard stuff and untill now I really wasn't understanding much of it... but tonight went a little better than usual. I got 1/2 way done and it's due on Friday. I think I'll be alright this go around.

Good news of the day... Mom found my lost movie ticket stub! Here's the heartbreaking story: for mine and nic's first date we went to see Hitch at the movie theatre. About a week later I found my ticket stub in my room under my bed, so I took that as a "sign" to keep it :) Well, I have kept it in my wallet ever since, but yesterday I looked in my wallet and it wasn't there! I hadn't actually opened my wallet (cause it's empty) since I had been in Wichita so I didn't realize it was gone! I was very upset so I called my mommacita (my mom) and filled her in on the skinny (news). Well TODAY she calls and tells me that she found my ticket! I was thrilled! So now my ticket is in the mail on its way over to my wallet (its home). And there's my story :)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Learing Day

Today is my Personal Learning Day. I am getting behind on my reading in some of my classes so I am going to get ALL caught up TODAY! So far I have read all three chapters for Micro with notes and 1/2 a chapter of Chemistry along with the related chapter study guides. It may not seem like a lot but trust me, it's taking me forever! I just have 1 1/2 chapters of Chemistry left and 3 chapters of Geography to go! Woo hoo!

Aside from Personal Learning Day, yesterday night me Jess, Nicole, and my mommy went to see Swan Lake at McCain. I was really impressed and had a great time! I love watching any style of dance and I really enjoy going to ballets! I don't get to dress up much so it was kinda fun putting on the ol' skirtaroo! Me and Jess wore skirts together! Even though you can't see the skirts in this picture, it's the only one we really took all night.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Begrot the Rough

Today I finished my very first Ogre! See:

His name is Begrot. Begrot the Rough!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ogre Day 1

Today after classes I went on over to Nicole and Shanno's crib and did a little HW and movie watchin (Big Fish, in case if you were wondering). But oh that's not it.... oh no.... I started to paint my OGRE! He's a work in progress but he's coming along... I plan on naming all of my ogres. I haven't decided on this one just yet.

I would also like to say that today at BWW I did better in trivia.... NOT GOOD... but better than usual (considering that I usually stick in last by over 1000 pt. difference). I'm makin my come back...

And lastly but not leastly :) I saw Bush yesterday and he did a wonderful job! The Landon Lecture was really entertaining and interesting... props to Bush.

Now for the picture of the weekend...

Monday, January 23, 2006

19 years of age.

Well yesterday was my birthday and it went wonderfully! I got to see most of the most important people in my life! Jessica, Ally, and Whit even threw me a "tinkerbell bday bash", how cool is that? Jess and Ally even made a cake... white confetti with strawberry frosting... mmm!! I'm now 19. Does't feel much different. If anything I just feel fatter cause I ate so dang much yesterday!

Nic left today to go back home :( I was/am still very sad that he's gone again! I can't wait until he's up here for school and with me more often!

Welp, here's some pics from yesterday... enjoy!

This is how I decided to spend the first minutes of my birthday (12:00 am)... under the table!

The Fab 4 and my pink cake! (Thanks for the crown ally!)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Guess What....?

It's my 19th Birthday tomorrow!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Golden Ticket!

The coolest thing happened to me today.

Me and 3 of my friends were saying that we wanted to go see Bush speaking, but all of us had class until 2:20. Well I got home early cause my class was let out at 2, so a few minutes later Ally, Jess, and Whit come by and were like, HEY we're goin to go wing it and stand in line for tickets, just for fun! So I decided to go too.

Well we get there and there's NO line, so we're all thinking that they were sold out, but we got out anyway... may as well finish the adventure. Well right after us AT LEAST 20 to 30 people start piling up after us in line. So I said to Jess, "at least we got in line early!" Turns out we got the LAST FOUR TICKETS! And of course, I got the very last one!

NO one else in the entire university can say that they got the last ticket to see President Bush speak and didn't even wait in line for 3 mintues....actually, I dont even know if anyone can say that they only waited a few minutes to even get a ticket period.... amazing :D! I'm mo excited now!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Semester and New Ogres!

Well we have been here in our cute little apartment for a week now. It's like our week anniversary! I love having my own little kitchen! Jessica is a great roomate and we have cooked every night for ourselves, and if I may say I think we did a pretty good job!

This semester has been going a lot better than last semester. I finally have close friends and a place I feel comfortable and at home in. I get to see Nicole and Shannon more and that is GREAT! I really didnt have a lot of time last semester. Our schedules conflicted a lot, so that kinda sucked!

OH, and yesterday Nikki and Shannon bought
me my own Ogres for Warhammer. I don't really understand the game just yet, but the painting part made me interested in it! The figures are really small but have amazing details! I will make sure to post pictures of how cool they are once I have some painted! For now, here's some more pictures of our fantastic four hanging out at the good ol' penthouse!

We poured ice cubes from my cooler into the sink and this is what we got like an hour later... cool huh?

Here is my tea pot! It was the first time we used it!

This is me and Jess after a night of cooking! I even wore our new pot holders :)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Here's a post that kinda should have been put up a while ago, but I didnt get pictures untill just now! New Years Eve!

For New Years I went to my friend Kelly Erwin's house. I'm not gonna lie... it was perrty fun :) I was so happy to see people I knew! After spending all break not seeing any friends, it was kinda getting depressing! I love spending time with my family, but I was sad that I never had anyone really to just call and drive across the street to see :( It was nice to just hang out and have some fun!

Kelly's party theme was trailer trash or high class. I started out tryin to go trailer trash, but that wasn't really coming together for me! Instead I was high class!

Here's a pic of me and kell... guess what she was... nice vest!

A little bit of high class....
Me and Allison

Whole gang's here!

It was a great holiday!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Road Trip to Copper Mt.!

Over break, Alli, Jessica, and I all took a road trip to Jess's dad's house in Colorado! It was such a good time! Even the drive wasn't that bad! Here's some pictures to explain the events that took place...

Here's some of the drive up...
The sign that said "Welcome to Colorado" was missing.... it was odd.... but we took a picture with "it" anyway!

Here's us at her dad's house, about to head out to COPPER MOUNTAIN!On the ride up there we stopped for lunch at this local diner/pub place. They had these random games and books dear the tables- such as Magic Eye books! We were posing for the cam....
Here's us at Copper, I think this is before we went tubing. Tubing was amazing! There were a few bumps and boo-boo's but it was all worth it!
Here's one before we went skiing the next day. It was snowing pretty thick! I had such a blast! We also caught a few flakes before hittin the slopes. I love Ally's face in this one... she was serious!

Here's one of us after ice skating! Ther was this humongous chair and I forced the other girls to take pictures with me in it!

Along with a big cool chair is a big cool BEAR! I was trying to BE the bear... I pretty much look just like him :)This trip was SO much fun! There's loads more of pictures from the trip, but I am tired of posting them! I think I'll just leave you with one more great picture...

Here's me dressed in like 13 layers of clothes! I was amazed on how many layers we packed on me this night!

Pics of new home!

Well, break is over now and here I am back at school! One major thing has changed though... I HAVE AN APPARTMENT! It is wonderful and I love being here with Jessica Villa- she's wonderful! Here are some pictures that we took of it while we were still moving stuff in and setting the place up! We still have a few things to put up and more food to buy (fridge is empty), but it's coming along quite nicely!
Here is our kitchen with boxes still out. I really like the checkered floor!
This is our lovely BANANA hanger!

This is our living room. Since we're on the 3rd floor we get the highest/coolest ceiling!

And here is a picture of our table right before our FIRST dinner in our new home! Whitney and Ally ate over and it was a grand ol' time.

We even put together Jess's night stand! What Handy women we are!

I love these girls!