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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Good ol' GC

Garden City, KS 12/31/06

This weekend I went down to Garden City to spend some time with Nic and my friends back "home". It was fun even though the power was out for the majority of the time. I spent a lot of time with Nic's family and just playing games and lying around, but it was nice to just relax.

For New Years I spent about 1/2 the night at Rhonda's house with Nicole, Shannon and Shannon's family eating great food and the other 1/2 at my friend Heidi's house. It was a very fun New Years- Nic even got his first experience with the wii!

Last night Nic and I went to see the Pursuit of Happyness, which was an amazing film in my opinion. It's worth the $7.50 to go see- luckily me and Nic had free movie passes. Either way... very good movie.

And tomorrow it's back to Manhattan for some more work and stuff. Ciao!

The weather in GC was horrible- here's a picture of the power line tower things on my way back to Wichita yesterday:


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