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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Nic's Christmas Present!

For Nic's Christmas present, I bought us both tickets to New Jersey/New York. Instead of listing everything we did, I'll just give you guys a bunch of pictures (that aren't in order). Enjoy:

Me and Nic, just cause we're cute

Radio City Music Hall

This was the coolest light display- The snow flakes were on the side of a building right across the street from Rockefeller Center and they "danced" to a remix of Carol of the Bells

Empire State Building from Aunt Diana's Office floor

Nic and I ice skating at Bryant Park


  • No place like NY at Christmas time. It's the best time to go to the city. Glad you and Nick got to go. Love you.

    By Blogger Irene, at 2:19 PM  

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