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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Homework is the devil... It isn't fun to do when you want to go to sleep. I am tired of doing it so I am taking a break to write to my lovely fans here in blog world. Thank you for coming.

Today I kinda did this tryout thing for a Jazz class held here at KState. I was too late to take Jazz one, and you have to audition to get into Jazz II or III. Well the instructor put me into the Jazz III class for my intro. I was super nervous... I didn't know what to expect at all. I showed up to class a couple minutes late (of course, they had already started). I had to go AAAAALL the way across campus; it was about a 15 minute walk. Finally, I joined the circle they were all in while the instructor was talking to us and she gave me a notecard. Everyone was kinda done filling theirs out already and I had just got mine... I tried to hurry though! Then we started warm up, and surprisingly I fit right in with the group. It was moderately easy to catch on, so I started to ease up a bit... then we did a combo.
Now usually in my dance team practices, I wouldn't get nervous about things like this... but after doing warm-up I realized that this class was a LOT of ballet. Well... the whole combo was ballet. I have never taken a ballet class in my life. I'm a dance team/jazz/tap kinda gal. I kinda winged it and got by, but it was obvious that I was the only freshman out of all those upperclassmen girls.
After class the instructor and I met in her office and she tells me that she thinks I'll do fine in her Jazz classes (which turn out to be more like classical jazz/ballet classes), but I decided that ballet wasn't for me. I was disapointed at first, but honestly... I don't really want to do ballet. I think it's a beautiful style and very expressive, but it just isn't my thing! I just may take tap still but I need to get shoes first. I left those back in my home town... a lot of good they're doing me there!

Alright blog, I'm tired and I definitly wrote enough for the night.

Monday, August 22, 2005

I think that KSU was specifically designed to confuse me. Just when I thought I was doing a good job at getting to classes, I got lost. Not only did I get lost, I got lost when it was pouring rain outside. But hey, that's cool because it was hot outside anyway. God was just spitting on me to cool me off. Putting that nonsence aside, lets talk about my way grand roomates. I am a resident here at Ford Hall all the way down under in the basement. My roomates are a lot different from me, but I love that. It's just like me and my two other sisters. We're all so different, but that makes us appreciate the things we have in common more. I'm the shortest out of all of us. I don't mean to brag or anything, but I really dont have to try at that. I always win the "shortest in the room" contests which are held regularly. I try really hard to pretend someone else can take first place... but people are just too generous and let me know that I am the true winner.

I miss Nic. Nic is my boyfriend that lives is Garden City, Kansas. He's a pretty cool guy. I have been friends with him for years now... we've been going out for over 6 months. Seven months on September 7th. Not bad, I'm on a roll! So anyway, I really miss him since before I came here to KState, I really spent all my free time with him. It's hard to leave someone behind that is such a huge part of your life AND schedule! I think about him quite often actually, but that's okay because I'm pretty sure that he's thinking of me, too. Which in return, makes me quite happy in my heart!

I miss my mommy too, but since I went most of the summer without her, I am dealing with her absence pretty well. Plus, she emails me and stuff so I still feel close to her in a way. My mom's a great gal. If you have had the pleasure of meeting her, which I am sure that many of you reading this have, then you know what I'm taking about!

I have to say that the best thing about Manhattan is being closer to Nikki. Sadly, I didn't get to see her today. She is probably sick of me asking her a question ever 2.5 seconds about how to survive here in college. Either that or she has a life outside of ME and needed to do something else like sleep or work or something pointless like that... I dunno...

Well blog, I am getting tired and I have Calculus tomorrow. I hope that it isn't too scarry! I am really really superduper (like the grocery food store) scared. Monday didn't really ease and of my scarred-ness... Night blog.