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Friday, December 22, 2006

Chris reading Aunt D's birthday present

Nic and Baby Tommy

Me pretending to be Gramps

Me and Nic by the ocean... which was FREEZING but Nic wanted to "get in"

Times Square

That window right under the sign that says "The Lion King" is where they film MTV's TRL

This old guy here is Les Paul. He's an amazing icon from the Jazz Age (he even has a guitar named after him). The show was awesome - thank you Aunt Diana!


  • Love the pictures
    I will send you my pictures this weekend
    Love you and miss you

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:37 PM  

  • Obviously you had fun! That's good. It's hard not to have fun when you are young and in NY. MEMORIES!! Our family is soo cool.

    By Blogger Irene, at 2:18 PM  

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