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Monday, October 23, 2006

Andy Warhol like pictures.....

My Japanese Mid-term Part II went pretty well... I accidentally wrote hospital as post office in hirigana, but aside from that I think I did pretty good. Tonight is our first volleyball game - I forgot to ask mom to bring up my knee pads and I already have 2 floor burns so I guess we will see how tonight goes! I am pretty excited to play, I think we're going to do pretty good!

I am still looking for a job here in Manhattan... I have applied a few places but not many. I want to work at Best Buy (applied there yesterday) but I am guessing that they already have enough employees since it opens pretty soon. I just dont want to work with food anymore.... hm

Anyway, my roomates and I were messing around on my Brooke's Mac and put this little thing together.

(Top left clockwise) Jesamyn, Me, Libby, Brooke

My roomates are great... :)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

You're so old :)


Last week was a crazy one.... CrAzy...

Monday: Begin Studying for a busy week ahead of me
Tuesday: Calc 2 Exam 2
Wednesday: Japanese Vocab Quiz; BIG Accounting assignment
Thursday: Natural Disasters Exam 2, Japanese Mid Term Part 1

This coming week is another kinda rough one but hopefully much less stressful.....

Tuesday: Japanese Mid Term Part 2
Wednesday: Accounting Exam 2
Thursday: Japanese Vocab Quiz

Enough of my complaining.... I think it would be more fun to talk about my weekend! Mom, Jay, and baby Nicole came down for big Nicole's birthday. It was pretty laid back for the most part; it's always great to see the baby... I'm in loooove with her... so cute! Picture time:

The cutest baby in the world, Nicole Jade

Today is full of fun studying! Me and my roommate Libby are going to go to the rec a little later (tomorrow is our first intramural volleyball game)! Get excited!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Top 10

So during the summer I wasn't getting on my computer as often as I was during the school year, so I stopped blogging. I figured that when the school year started that I would pick it back up again - this didn't really happen. So here I am, about 2 months into the semester already, happy to inform you that I shall continue my blogging from here on out as regularly as possible. Enjoy.

I'll use today for a quick top 10 update :

1. I still don't really have a major chosen

2. Jayme has had her beautiful baby and I love her
3. Nic is here with me at K-State and it's been fun :)
4. I live with 3 amazing roomates(left to right) Me, Jesamyn, Libby, and Brooke

5. Flavor Flav chose Deelishus over New York
6. Co-ed Vball starts soon and I am very excited to play (We're team Zane)

7. Japanese is fun :)

8. My car is almost finished being mended - i get her back this weekend :)

9. It's Dakoda's THIRD birthay on November 1st (which I believe means that she's going to be 21 in doggy years... which is legal drinking age)
10. I cut my hair!