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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The new baby of the family!

Tommy Pullen.... the cutest baby in the world! I love babies... this picture is simply adorible, so i figured it was blog worthy. Enjoy!

Monday, November 07, 2005


Lately me and my friend Brooke Rogers have been hittin up the Rec Center every day! It's been pretty awesome! I love our gym here at KSU... it's amazing! It has things that Coyote's Family Fitness Center (in Garden City, KS) doesn't even have... and Coyote's was GREAT! Even though our gym here doesn't have top of the line equipment like Coyote's, they are a LOT bigger and offer way fun classes! I think that the classes alone are reason enough to have our gym! At first I was skeptical about taking the classes, but now I go everyday! It's just fun!

Also, Jay is moving into her new house this weekend! Congrats on your new home Jay! I love you!!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

the whole darn family!

My other wonderful sister, Jayme Campbell, just joined blog world! Visit her blog NOW at Mua Ha Ha Ha!

Now my whole (mediate) family has a blog! It's really quite exciting... maybe not to the average outside person, but for us it is! My family is very close, so anything that helps us to STAY close is appreciated and enjoyed!

Continuing with our exciting information for the day, look at what i have here...

The other day I went to Dashers (the To-Go line at our cafeteria), and these were the utensils I grabbed. I never opened the package. The stick thingy by my spoon is my fork! The "head" of the fork wasn't in there... and it was like STAMPED into the plastic.... crazy! I decided that it was blog worthy.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Life here at K-State has been going really swell! Compared to the begining of my move here I really wasn't likeing it too much. Things have really been getting a lot better and I have been having a blast! Now that I have learned my way around campus, settled down into my room, and met some pretty grand people, I really am able to feel at home! Here's some pictures from Jess's camera of us the other night!

Lisa, Me, Jess, and Caroline
LT Hotties (Lower Terrace)

Me, Lisa, and Jess
YAY I got to wear my new earings!!