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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Soup and New Phones... Grandness

I drove home to wichita today after classes. I missed my mommy and my puppy... I'm such a freshman in college. It's really quite sad :)

Mom is making me CHICKEN NOODLE SOUUUUP!!! I am so excited! She makes a wicked pot of chicken noodle... it's really quite impressive. It's always fun comming home. I get to do lots of fun stuff like my laundry, sleep in my bed, eat yummy food... it's great!

More good news, since I know that everyone in the world cares... mom and I get new phones this month! Yay! I would say that the only thing worse than not having a cellular phone at all, would be having one that gives you so many problems that you just want to throw it against the wall! Getting new things is always exciting for me. I don't think that it will ever get old... I'm not gonna lie... :)


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